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Customer Testimonials

"Elite Kitchen Design offered results that were well beyond our imagination. By adding a room onto the back of our home and re-tooling the kitchen, the entire downstairs of our home has been beautifully transformed. From the moment of entry to the point of exit, the original construction and newly added/remodeled spaces blend seamlessly. Key elements required for a high-utilized, high-functioning kitchen married naturally to distinctive, exquisite design. Bob and Keith along with their sub-contractors were great to work with. They were always available and responded quickly and efficiently to our requests. We feel very lucky to have been introduced to them and would happily, and with great confidence, refer them to family and friends.

Elite Kitchen Design, helped to make our home a beautiful, comfortable setting for relaxing and making lasting, happy memories with our family and friends."
~Lane and Valerie

Smith's House pic 1 "Our needs were exceeded in the creative layout designed by Keith Jones. We now have an attractive, well organized kitchen that functions much more effectively than before. The detailed timeline of construction was followed nearly to the minute, including all subcontractors. Lastly, and most importantly, Keith and Bob were never satisfied until we were satisfied. Their professional and pleasant demeanor made our home renovation project much easier to accomplish. Thank you for a job VERY well done!"
~The Smiths
Smith's House pic 2

"Working with Elite Kitchen couldn’t have been any easier. People would say … ‘are you afraid’ … ‘worried about the hassles of unplanned expenses, long delays’ … ‘you know you need to add double the time they tell you’. We were not worried as we had asked some former clients about Keith and Bob … they all said that their timeline was almost to the day! These past clients also told us there would be no hidden fees that popped up along the way. These past clients were spot on! We had no hidden expenses pop up and our timeline was perfect.

Our kitchen and rec room turned out exactly like the drawings … exactly … It was so amazing to watch the drawing come to life, in full color, with every line, surface, wall space just as it was on paper. Bob and Keith’s thorough investigation of our existing home, wall, etc., left them with no surprises once the walls came down, and up. All of the sub’s were very professional and very aware of the fact that they were in our home, and that we were still living here! We loved every minute of the project as it was so exciting. Because of Bob & Keith’s hands on approach, close relationships with the subs and attention to detail, we have a gorgeous space. They allowed our own creativity to come through, while using their knowledge to create a space our entire family could enjoy for years to come."
~Jill & Mike

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